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Computers, Software and Helping Organise our Lives!

Originally Published on "Isn't IT A Wonderful World" September 28th 2007. This is adapted from the original.

Organise our Lives
In thinking about organising myself over many years I developed a philosophy which enabled me to work through my outstanding task list and chase people at the appropriate time and be driven by overall priorities. When discussing this with a colleague recently he told me “Sound’s like David Allen’s Getting Things Done” also known under a dreaded three letter acronym of GTD.

Well knock me down with a feather it was – perhaps I should have written it down as I developed it, then I could have published the book and gained fame/infamy. It did not take me much to be convinced (although I still think David Allen’s method a little quirky in places – but that is not for here). With time my thinking is that we have to make some of the things we do more automated.

Intelligent Software
My point is: software is growing more intelligent as time passes. It has…