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Enterprise Mobility: 1 key to Business Success?

Businesses are becoming more tech-savvy today than at any time in their history. The recession of 2008 and subsequent development of mobile technology has brought with it greater workplace mobility. The corporation of 2017 is unlike those who entered the new millennium.

Information Technology for most businesses has evolved. Web and smart-phone apps have taken off across the globe. Even sales assistants are using smart-phone apps to check stock levels or place new orders. For industries such as transport, logistics, shipping, airlines, and emergency services this means being more connected, tracing shipments etc. Everyone is now connected and traceable 24 * 7. Companies have know where their deliveries are and when shipment are expected to arrive.  

Each industry is making demands about cost effectiveness. It starts at keeping in touch with staff, is enhanced with the capability of optimising routes to save on fuel costs. This is only part of business becoming better informed. Businesse…